Novice filly working to create a safe place in a stable environment

What is the aim of #GoRacingGreen?

Get People Racing

Support people that love the sport, but have challenges in life, to go racing again

Combat Social Isolation

Through race day meet-ups and events

Make Racecourses More Inclusive

Work with racecourses to make them friendlier and more inclusive places

What Is #GoRacingGreen?

A lot of people live with various challenges in their life. They may be people like me, that live with social anxiety and various other social-related phobias. They, or someone they care for, may live with dementia, autism, ADHD, PTSD, have low self confidence, be alone. 

There are many challenges in life that are often hidden from the outside. These mean that many people go through life exisiting, rather than living, and miss out on doing things they enjoy.

The main aim of #GoRacingGreen is, with support, to help us all go racing again, or at least be involved in racing, if this is something we love but are missing out on due to their condition, or that of the person they love and care for.

The project is for the public but also supports groups and organisations where clients, patients, students or residents may benefit.

What are the numbers?

850,000 people in the UK are currently diagnosed with dementia

In 2013, over 8 million cases of anxiety were reported in Enhland alone. A more recent study would certainly show this figure has increased.

2.4 million British, adult residents of all ages have been reported reported to suffer from chronic loneliness

700,000 people in the UK are reported to be on the Autistic Spectrum

In 2017, 72 million works days were lost related to mental health, with a cost of £34.9 billion

250,000 are unable to enjoy a day out due to inadequate toilet facilities

The #GoRacingGreen Community

The initiative is now supported by a community made up of thousands of people.

These may be people that live with challenges themselves, people that live with or care for them, or people that are just happy to support the cause, be that members of the public or people from within the racing industry.

Inclusivity is key. We don't want anyone to feel different. If you want to share your story then please do, it's good to talk and it's OK not to be OK, but we will never ask. Some of us wear green ribbons, some wear #GoRacingGreen hats or caps. The main thing is, no one is labelled.

Members of the community meet at race days, and the community element of this project is supported by Unibet Racing, meaning there are frequently race day meet-ups and inclusive stable visits and events that you are welcome to attend.