Novice filly working to create a safe place in a stable environment

What Does The Package Include?


A presentation on the story behind #GoRacingGreen and the demographics that the initiative will benefit.

Dementia Friends Session

As many staff as you choose will receive a Dementia Friends awareness session.

Sensory Awareness

An awareness session on sensory conditions, and how a day at the races may affect these people and those that care for them.

Social Anxiety

My own experiences of social anxiety, and a general overview of general anxiety disorder, including the effects of social isolation.

Venue Assessment

A full assessment of the venue identifying an area/areas for a safe and quiet space and where other improvements could be made.

Invisible Access Statement

Based on the outcome of the assessment, a bespoke "Invisible" Access Statement for the Racecourse.

Sensory Guide

A bespoke Sensory Guide for the racecourse, based on both the race day environment and venue surroundings.


Marketing through contacts which include Alzheimer's Society, National Autistic Society, Group Travel & Tourism organisations.


PR within the racing industry, including The RCA and The BHA, as well as through external organisations.


Entering local, regional and national awards for Access and Inclusivity using my extensive experience and contacts throughout the tourism industry.

Recognised Brand

A project which offers a consistent brand recognised across the #GoRacingGreen community.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing training, advice, updates and support at any time.


I know from feedback, and my own experiences, that there are thousands of people out there that would like to go racing, but currently don't.

Very simple measures like staff awareness and training, and creating a safe and quiet place, make all the difference to people with a variety of invisible conditions, and those that would love to go racing but don't have someone to go with.

Ultimately, this opens up a whole new demographic of racegoer and, in turn, brings more people through the gates and increases your revenue.

We fully appreciate the need to market to groups and offer hospitality packages, and have nothing against people who like to go racing to have a drink and a bet, however, the #GoRacingGreen community, in general, go for the love of the horse, and with the correct, consistent, structure and measures in place, all racegoers can enjoy the experience alongside each other.

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