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I originally created this as my blog site under the name Novice Filly, to write about how I suffer with my mental health, how I became involved with horses and how they have helped me on this journey, and so I could express how I was feeling (which I do better in written word than spoken).

For a long time I have suffered with anxiety and social phobias and, as a result, missed out on doing many of the things that I enjoy, one of which is going to the races. 

Part of what my profession involves is working in accessible and dementia tourism, and making places more accessible not just for those with physical disabilities, but those with invisible disabilities and other challenges. How great I always thought if that could transfer across the racing industry? If it meant that people like me didn’t hide behind the TV, but actually got out and went racing.

In January of 2019, that’s just what I did. And Altior was the catalyst in my decision. I had seen him race so many times on the TV, only to kick myself for not being there. This time, I was determined to go. So off I went on my own, to Ascot, for the first time. The one tweet I sent as I started out on my journey that day, was, unbeknown to me at that time, the start of



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