Novice filly working to create a safe place in a stable environment


The #GoRacingGreen initiative was launched at Newbury Racecourse on Saturday 17th August 2019 in conjunction with Unibet's announcement that it would be sponsoring the initiative as part of their new model of sports sponsorship, to support the sporting communities.

As a visitor to Newbury Racecourse at every fixture throughout the year you will find:

The Alcohol Free Quiet Zone

This is an area of garden that has been sectioned off for those who require a safe and quiet space at any time throughout the race day. It is situated with a view of the Parade Ring and Winner's enclosure, adjacent to toilet facilities and refreshments, and with easy access into and out of the racecourse to avoid interaction with crowds. It is manned by a member of race day staff on busy race days who will be able to support you if required.

Awareness Trained Staff

Permanent race day staff at Newbury have received training as Dementia Friends, Autism & Sensory Awareness, and awareness of conditions such as PTSD and social anxiety. These staff will be available on a race day to help you if you need assistance.

An Online Sensory Guide & "Invisible" Accessibility Guide

On the Newbury Racecourse website you will find a sensory guide and an accessibility guide geared to those with invisible disabilities to help you feel reassured and plan your day. You can access this by clicking here.

Busy Race Days - Entering and Leaving the Racecourse

On busy race meetings, the North Entrance is the gate nearest to the #GoRacingGreen area. If you enter here, the area is located immediately to the right. Please note, this does have a queuing system in place, with bag checks and sniffer dogs, which can be daunting. If you find this difficult, please make yourself aware to a member of staff who will assist with priority entry. 

The West Entrance  is generally quieter, though further from the #GoRacingGreen area. Please follow signs for The Owners' Club to use this entrance.

Harriet Collins, Marcomms and Sponsorship Director at Newbury Racecourse added: “We are delighted to be working with both Unibet and Debbie Matthews on this initiative. Members of our permanent staff have   undergone training with Debbie and we have plans to keep increasing this number over the course of the year. We have created a dedicated #GoRacingGreen Quiet Zone this Saturday for those looking for a safe space   away from the crowds and hope it will be well received.”